DOMESTIC PROCESSING TIME & SHIPPING: We are doing our best to maintain a safe and organized shipping process for ourselves and our customers, and we're shipping items out roughly every 2 to 5 business days (Mon-Fri and non-holidays). We do not currently have staff and are processing all shipments ourselves, and this does slow things down a bit, but rest assured we are doing our best to keep up! Please note that there are some delays for domestic shipments, so items may not arrive as quickly as they usually would. We have also experienced a shipping supply shortage and although we had ordered more, it was delayed by USPS, so if your item was ordered before Memorial Day, it will likely be going out by Weds or Thurs of this week. Please see our statement below about international orders.

INTERNATIONAL ORDER DELAYS: There are significant delays on international orders due to limited courier flights and freight. As of 5/28/20, we are suspending international sales outside of the US and Canada since we cannot guarantee arrival within a reasonable time frame. IF YOU'VE PREORDERED OR HAVE ALREADY PLACED AN ORDER FROM OUTSIDE THE US YOUR ORDER WILL STILL SHIP. However, if you would prefer to cancel an order that has not yet shipped out, please contact us via email or our contact form with your order number and we will do our best to accommodate you. Information we have gathered regarding the delays: often, the order will go to a larger USPS distribution center in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, or California before going to its final destination. Many freight flights have been canceled and changed out for freight ships, which take longer to get to their destination. Many countries have also changed their vetting process and are now enforcing a holding period for items coming from other places. We wish there was more information, but this is new territory for all of us, and we are doing our best to check tracking numbers regularly, and are keeping in touch with our couriers for updates. If it has been over FOUR weeks since your order shipped and it hasn't arrived, please email us at so we can research the tracking information, including your order number will help speed up thee process. Sometimes we can call and get updates on why an items is taking so long. In very rare cases, it has taken up to 8 weeks for items to finally turn up. We ask for your patience as we are a small business working with no staff and doing our best to pivot in what has been an extremely trying time. It is for this reason that we have decided to shut down international sales for the time being. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we figure things out.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Because of the current health crisis, we must address returns/exchanges on an individual basis. Please reach out to us via email at with your order number and details regarding your request for a return/exchange, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please understand that the process may take longer than usual as we must quarantine incoming returns for a few days before opening them to protect our health.

FROM SALEM, WITH LOVE PREORDERS: Our first preorder on these items were an enormous success, so we're already on when they'll be available to order again. We have put in our manufacturing request for the first round of preorders and are hoping for a July delivery. We will update with new information or changes as that news becomes available! Preorders made from outside the US and Canada will still ship as planned, but we are not currently accepting new orders from outside the US and Canada.


Dear Customers & Friends,

Here is an update on our situation at the Salem shop. Currently, we are still in a slow-moving renovation that is preventing us from being able to make good use of our full retail space. Unfortunately, this means that it is difficult to maintain social distancing even for a small amount of people, so Nick has been doing most of the order packing with me coming in to help as needed. Since we live together, it’s safe for us to be in close proximity. The difficult thing is that we have been in kind of a renovation limbo for the last two months, waiting for the landlord to complete their renovations so that we could move forward with the changes we must make due to the new floor layout. Because the shop is not set up in a way that we can easily manage separating orders to ship and orders to pick up, we will be holding off on offering curbside pickup until after the landlord’s remaining work within our shop is complete. Once they have finished, we will be able to re-organize our product and create a separate space with easy access to the entrance that will allow us to hand off pickup orders with little or no contact by early June.

The exciting news is that even though we had to make accommodations to allow the landlord to change our floor layout, it is allowing us to double the size of our shoe display, change out some of our fixtures, and add some more fun stuff that we can’t wait to show you! We were disappointed when we realized that we would have to wait for the landlord to finish their renovations before we could complete our own installations, but we are pumped to get the ball rolling again!

We do ask for your patience and understanding as we figure things out. Between adjusting to the new health and safety standards and trying to get our shop remodeled, we’ve got our work cut out for us! We’d love to offer you the convenience of easy local pickups, but at this time, we have to take that decision day by day. Not just because of our construction conundrum, but also to ensure a safe interaction for our customers and ourselves. At the moment, our shop looks a little like your house might when you’ve just moved to a new place. We want to ensure a safe and comfortable workspace, so we can provide you with safe, easy, and quick curbside service. We will continue to update as things progress. Thank you for your support in what truly has been the strangest time. We have the greatest customers, and we look forward to seeing you face to face again soon!