Spectral Rider RAVAGE CD

Spectral Rider RAVAGE CD

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First full length release from Boston based power-thrashers on Germany's Karthago Records in 2005.

  1. Turn the Screw
  2. Spectral Rider
  3. The Wicked Way
  4. The Masque of Black Death
  5. Incantation of the Necromancer
  6. Wake the Dead
  7. Ravage Part 1: Damage
  8. Wyvern
  9. The Wasteland
  10. Bring Down the Hellhammer
  11. The King Forgotten
  12. Curse of Heaven

RAVAGE formed back in 1996 on a mission to bring traditional, rockin', kick-ass heavy metal and thrash excitement back to the masses. 

Though the band has endured endless line-up changes throughout it's storied history, the core group of singer Al Ravage, his brother lead guitarist Eli Firicano, and second lead guitarist Nick Izzo has been together since the year 2000. The current line-up is rounded out by bassist Tommy Grimaldi and drummer Derek Jay (SEAX, Motorhead Tribute band BOMBER).