We've spent the last few days trying to make sense of things. We wanted to do something but weren't sure what. At first, we considered donating a portion of our sales, but we didn't want there to be any strings attached. More importantly, this isn't about us. So, this week (6/1/20-6/5/20) our shop is a donation hub.

You can make a donation below, and 100% will be spread equally among the organizations listed, combined with our own addition, OR you can donate directly by using these links:


Right now, supporting our black friends, family, and customers is what's important. Our shop will be here after we've taken some time to do our part. We're spending this week learning, supporting, and raising money. Of course, it doesn't stop there, and we hope you won't either. Here are other ways you can get involved: contact state and local officialssign a petitioneducate yourselfread upbe allies, don't be silent. 

Throughout this week, our social media will be filled with posts highlighting our favorite black artists and business owners instead of marketing our own products.  Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram!

Our shop will reopen as usual on Saturday (6/6). We thank you for your continued support.